Carnival Barkers

Rush Limbaugh: What would Jesus take?

Jesus: All your wealth, thanks.

Society isn't remotely close to being able to accept an egalitarian, truly Christian society. There is too much greed, much too much greed, institutionalized greed.

Case in point: Trump. Instead of talking about the hard things, like global warming, health care refugees, declining employment, aggregation of wealth, depletion of resources, overpopulation, he accuses the president of being a foreigner, and the media fall all over themselves twittering and chattering about it, taking him legitimately....because it's useless drama that distracts people from remembering that our country remains a broken husk of it former self, that the banks have won.

We're forever wandering in the wilderness listening to guys like Limbaugh, or Trump, or any self-obsessed barker. They are the antithesis of our professed Christian morality - they exhibit the opposite of our shared, collective happiness. They are in it for themselves.

They bark about our president being alien, or foreign. They demand his papers, which he is forced to eventually produce. They delegitimze by spinning lies and are paid brilliantly to do so. They are small bits of psychological poison destroying the collective psyche.

They are destroying society by undermining what made it great - collective sacrifice.

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